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Game Developer

I'm an indie game developer. I've been making things since 2011. I'm currently making a number of things including my first commercial project.

I do a bit of everything but I specialise in programming. On this page you can find links to where I am and the things I've made.

Due to circumstances I'm currently fitting game development around a full time job in corporate DevOps. I'm always interested in any work enquiries though.

Games I've made

Today I aim to make games that seem like they came out in the 2000s. These were formative years in games for me, and I think a lot of games today have lost the charm and confidence in design of that era—so I take a lot of inspiration from it.

I am interested in surrealism and absurdism, and I try to make games that embody these concepts, allowing the player to experience them directly.

A lot of my earlier work doesn't fit these themes, as I was learning game development and entering game jams. Many of my earlier games are entries to Ludum Dare, a game jam where you create a game in 48 hours over a weekend.

What follows is a list of games that I've made, lots of these can be clicked on to take you where the games are hosted. Some of these links lead to internet archive pages, as apparently the internet rots faster than I thought.

Game jams I've run